Wednesday, May 29, 2013

O To Be Young Again

We have had some good updates from our son as he lives and socializes in New York City.  He has found an excellent niche with his friends there, old friends who have moved there from Vancouver over the past few years, new friends from university, new friends among the staff at his school.......and on it goes.  He is a VERY social being.  He is seeing his favourite art galleries and museums, new art galleries and museums, enjoying cooking his meals, finishing his reading assignments for school and preparing for his crazy summer of classes and painting.  

When I was his age I had been married for ten years, had an overly creative 7 year old son and was settling into our crazy life, but my energy level was all ready on the wane compared to when I was in my twenties.  Not so my son.  He is single, no encumbrances, ready to go and have fun or work hard at a moment's notice.  His health is good, he is a bit of a workaholic like his dad, he loves people:  helping people, being with people, sharing his cooking skills with people, interviewing people, writing about people.......I don't know when he has time to paint, but he not only works that into his busy schedule, he is darned good at it and sells a respectable amount of art. Somehow he got himself invited this week to the welcome party for the new first year students at the home of one of the profs. son, Mr. Social.

After reading of his experiences just from the past week I have decided that you know you are a people person when you allow yourself to be hired by a school professor to do a completely yukky job like cleaning her sculpture studio for an entire day, absolutely delighted to help her out for your first NYC "hire".  You couldn't pay me enough money to do that kind of a job....and certainly not so cheerily........not even when I was in my twenties! 

Reading about his life makes me feel young....and makes me feel grateful I no longer am!!  As I think back I don't think I EVER had as much energy as he does!

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