Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Bit of This and That.......

Saturday in the big service here tonight and I am accompaning the hymns.  Same at the other church at the morning service. Hopefully some folk will stick around for fellowship afterward since we don't have to race home to do a second service, for a change.  Lunch out at the Chinese restaurant there I suppose.  Then in the afternoon we are showing the film "The Mission" for our monthly community movie and discussion time.  My husband is going to be exhausted by the time he gets home.  He got a late start on his sermon this week and basically researched and wrote the entire thing this morning before racing out to the cemetery to do an interment of ashes.  My church bulletins are done for the weekend, meals prepared, dishes done and put away, hymns practised.......yeah, Saturday around here is just one thrill after another, hohoho!  At least it is a working day for us both so the time flies past quite quickly.  I appreciate that as there is absolutely nothing of interest going on otherwise for us today.  So grateful that, although more rain is forecast over the next 36 hours, the big rains of yesterday have not happened again. Huge downpour, a bit of a thunderstorm, lost the satellite dish for an hour in the evening, but the power stayed on in the house this time. Today there has been a bit of sun in between the hours of cloud cover.

Our son has hopefully left his sublet in Brooklyn by now and arrived safely at university in upstate New York.  What a great 2 or more weeks he had in Brooklyn and New York City, seeing friends, partying, reading, resting, drinking flat after flat of Seltzer to ward off a cold, investigating his neighbourhood there, going to all his favourite art museums, going to a Richard Foreman directed play, (a long time wish)....and on Monday summer classes begin.  We have not seen him this happy and excited since he completed his first term at university last year. All being well he will graduate with his MFA next summer.

In my dozy half asleep state yesterday morning I stupidly opened a questionable email and by afternoon had my computer on a 13 hour scan and clean cycle.  Only once before in my life have I done something so stupid and risked my entire computer hard drive.  I am so grateful that Google stopped a hacker from south of the border from gaining any more access to my files than I unwittingly gave her or him when I opened that email.  The hard drive is now cleansed of some malicious software and I have a new password, something I get every few months anyway.  Lesson: do not open emails in the morning until I am fully awake!!

My sister-in-law and her husband have purchased an RV.  They took it out yesterday for the first time.  It is fun to hear their excitement about their purchase and about the trips they are planning in the near future.  I am grateful it is them and not us....not being a camper of any kind, myself.  I would love it if it wasn't for the bugs....and the dirt....and the rain....and the bears....and the booming music coming from other RV's at 3am.... and other peoples' little kids coming past and asking embarrassing questions of me...and still having to make meals and do dishes on what is supposed to be a holiday.  My husband loves such trips and I tried for years to get into the whole thing, but eventually gave it up as a lost cause. My husband is so good about allowing me a few motels and shopping centres on our brief annual holiday.

Teaching an English pronunciation lesson on Monday morning.  That is always fun.  Tuesday is the annual ACW dinner at a restaurant with a short meeting afterward. That is always fun.  Thursday I have to make a giant potato salad for our fall luncheon fundraiser at the local church. That is always fun. The house has to be cleaned somewhere in the midst of this, (not always so fun!!) and within an inch of its life, as we may have overnight company on Sat. evening...a visiting priest who will be speaking at some parish retreat meetings on the weekend and giving the sermons at both churches on Sunday morning.  My husband has a very full week as well, preparing for the retreat, helping out at the fundraiser, some vestry meetings, preparing for the next week's parish council meeting etc. etc. etc. on top of the regular weekly events.

I am looking forward very much to a wine tasting event at our church hall in a couple of weeks.  The friends who put it together are staying over with us the night before so we will hopefully get to spend some quality time together that day before the event gets set up.  Nice to have something to look forward to that is so "us" and with some of our best friends.  And then it will almost be July!!  Can't believe it.

The house wrens have made an appearance this spring after a couple of years absence from our yard.  They are so very cute with their little tails sticking up in the air instead of lying flat out from their bodies the way the tails of the other birds do.  Some of them enjoy clinging to the narrow window sill outside the kitchen window, facing away from the window into the yard.  It is quite amusing to stand there doing dishes with a row of teeny wren butts pushed up against the window, tails aloft....right in my face!  haha  

So.......a little bit of this and that......nothing fascinating, just life.......a good life.

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