Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Sucker For Ciabatta Bread

For the past 2 days I have given into my ciabatta bread temptation, and after taking such a long and healthy break away from bread carbs....sigh...but it has been SO worth it.  2 days of my favourite sub style sandwiches mean I am on a carb fast of sorts now for at least a week to get over all the bad bad bad (for me) ingredients in the bread....but it has been SO worth it!

Here is my favourite sub:

For 2 people, slice a foot long ciabatta loaf in half the short way, then slice each half lengthwise, lightly butter each half with no salt butter and toast in the toaster oven or facsimile.

After toasting, spread on a thin layer of your favourite condiments that taste great with a layer each of:
thick sliced freshly roasted chicken or turkey (real meat please, not deli disasters)
4 slices of 50% less sodium pre-cooked bacon
2 slices of a large perfectly round tomato
thin slices of cucumber
thin slices of your favourite red or green or orange or yellow pepper
chopped lettuce or spinach (or both, yummy!)
paper thin slices of low sodium dill pickle 

So that I have porked out on this sandwich 2 days in a row I am going to have to live on soft cooked veggies for a week to get my body over my binge.

Would I do it again in a month or so?  In a heartbeat!!!

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