Monday, June 24, 2013

Another Day Off Bites the Dust

Today was once again not a day off for my husband.  The work phone calls and "need to be answered immediately" emails started up by 8am and didn't quit all day.  A Diocesan interview had been scheduled some time ago for my husband and some of the parishioners for this afternoon, but the other calls, planning meetings and work related events were not.  No worries, this is a typical day off.

The GREAT part is that my husband finally seems to be getting over the virus that struck him 6 weeks ago.  Despite a very tiring weekend and lack of sleep for 3 nights running, he bounced out of bed with the first work related call this morning and continued to bounce cheerfully through the rest of his day. Even his memory was in working order the entire day!!

Missed days off can always be taken at a later time and my husband has learned over the decades that he must indeed take them at some point for the sake of his health, but he felt so grand today for getting so much accomplished and feeling so well while doing it all. He is all set up to tackle his next administration day in the office.

He inspired me to do some work myself today.  Lots of laundry and other housework are all completed a day ahead of schedule, leaving me time for resting tomorrow if the forecast rain comes and I can't mow the lawn.  When it is time to pack up for the upcoming working weekend out of town, I may actually be ready to pack up because I won't be behind on my pre-travel chores.  

The week is all ready starting out well.  The weekend meetings, meals, accommodation and other visiting are set up and while it is mostly work related, it will still be a very fun long weekend AND we have been able to arrange to stay away an extra day so my dear husband will HAVE to have one of his days off next week!  YAY!

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