Saturday, June 1, 2013

Booming Bass At The Neighbour's

Today we are being "blessed" with a constant BOOM BOOM BOOM coming from the speakers from the stereo unit of one of our neighbours.  We are up to hour number 3.

I find it interesting to note that, while I usually lose my mind after 3 such hours of house shaking thumping, because I know something of our neighbour's personal story I seem to be blessed today with patience from above.  My husband is, as always, cheerfully oblivious as the walls shimmy and shake around him.

Our neighbour isn't a close friend, not even a parishioner, but he has shared some horrendous struggles that have gone on in his life over the past 2 years.  He has been to hell and back.  These sharing times come only occasionally, when we are all outside cleaning our garages out or mowing down the back alleyway weeds.  It costs him to tell a clergyperson and wife such personal, devastating things.

Knowing some of these details of his life seem to give us both more patience with the odd occasion of his music channelling itself directly through the rectory walls.  It amazes me how simply knowing another person's struggles in life can provide so much more understanding, so much more willingness to let the little annoyances go.

I have decided there are another two dozen, (maybe 3 dozen??  SIGH...) people that I need to learn more about.  There are at least that many people I am in semi-regular contact with, who I truly know little about and who annoy the heck out of me for one small and insignificant reason or another. No doubt I annoy them equally.

As I sit here contemplating the reason this bump and thump music isn't bothering me beyond simply noticing it is there, I am faced again with the knowledge that without the grace and prompting of God I am simply not a particularly loving person.  It bothers me how much I still struggle with the small irritations brought into my llife by others.......until I get to know them better and develop a relationship that leaves room for such things.  

A mutual relationship of any kind that grows in knowledge can lead to more loving patience between the people involved.  Wow.....I need to develop some more of those with people who drive me crazy for no really valid reason than my own petty selfishness.

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