Sunday, June 2, 2013

Daffy Ducks!!

It is duck arrival season out here where we live.  Ducks have been locating sloughs and food sources and pairing off to lay their eggs and hatch their young.  We have ducks here and there and everywhere.  Driving to our other church on Sunday mornings gives us 60km each direction of visible ducks.  I don't remember there being quite as many ducks the past couple of years as there are this year.  They are quite beautifully coloured and fun to watch.....usually.......

This morning's drive was an exception to the rule of how much fun it is to watch the ducks along the road.  We had a huge downpour of rain all during the night, so this morning at least half the highway we travel on was completely covered with water, the ruts and potholes absolutely full and overflowing onto the rest of the road.  The water was deep enough over top of the entire road surface that some of the ducks, too darned many of the ducks, thought they had found a new connector stream between the ponds and sloughs on either side of the highway.  

Several times we came up behind them as they were paddling right down the middle of the road!!!  With a squeal of our tires we ground to a halt 3 or 4 times to prevent driving right over them or having them fly up and into our windshield.  They just didn't get it that they were not in a a safe place to swim!  I am surprised there is any rubber left on our tires and no visible smoke fuming out from underneath the car.

When some of them finally got the hint that they may be in danger and should fly away, they took their sweet time about it.  Instead of the quick take off and wild flapping of their wings as they raced up and away as quickly as possible, these dumb ducks took off in slow motion, circling around in front of us and then flapping their wings was like watching a moose loping along beside a slow moving vehicle; that same lazy movement that speaks of greater power not being used to get away quickly from danger. It was bizarre!

We took our time coming back for services here afterward in order to save our tires from excess wear.  The ducks were hilarious, swimming along on the actual road, la-di-da, completely unconcerned about our car's presence.   

We laughed and laughed.....mostly from the relief that we hadn't run any of them over.

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