Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dandelions and the Resurrection

My husband has just informed me that when  he dies he would like dandelions to be included in his funeral bouquets.

My first thought was that the idea was just the kind of crazy, off the wall thing he would come up with, but then I thought that he probably had a reason behind it. (He usually does and I am usually not bright enough to catch on without an explanation.) Sure enough.  He said that he can't think of any other plant in his own experience that simply won't die and stay dead.  We spray them with chemicals, dig them out by the roots and pour boiling water on them, but still the little blighters continue to resurrect and grow everywhere every year.

I can't say I have heard such a comparison before between dandelions and Jesus.  But Jesus had a similar experience while on earth.  Other people did their worst to him, forcing him to experience an agonizing crucifixion, assuming that once he died that would be the end of his influence on the earth and in their lives.

But Jesus, like the dandelion plant that pops up each year to rob me of green grass in the lawn, popped up again and thwarted his enemies' plans to rob his disciples and the whole world of his presence.

I don't know when my husband is going to die, what season of the year it will be in relation to the availability of dandelions, or even if I will still be around myself and capable of ensuring their presence in a funeral bouquet.  But I do like the comparison between them and Jesus; two earthly (and earthy) entities that simply refuse to depart and whose influence is felt by all who come into their orbit.

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