Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dodged Another Weather Bullet

Other than rain, a ton 'o' thunder and a couple of close lightning strikes last night, our town fared well in the midst of the big storm.  Even the winds during the night were not strong enough to do any damage to the local foliage.

While nearly 3 hours of rolling thunder was a bit daunting, as we suspected the worst of the storm went north and south of us, saving its hail and bad winds for other places.  We are relieved and grateful and we hope the hail damage was not bad in the towns and countryside where it landed.  

By midnight it seemed even the thunder was slacking off so we put on the nightclothes and headed off to bed for a grand sleep.

More rain over the next couple of days and then it appears we will get the needed sun and warmth for awhile.   Oooh, I don't even want to think about the new millions of mosquitoes we are going to be battling after this much rain.  

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