Saturday, June 15, 2013

Done (In)!!

So now my house is completely cleaned for another week and my overnight company is on her way back here in a couple of hours, after spending the day with my husband teaching seminars to our parishioners.  I am pooped!!  Cleaning bathroom fixtures is quite taxing with all the bending and twisting and squatting.  2 full sized bathrooms with tiled walls and ceilings, open shelving, plastic bins and mirrors everywhere, translates into a long time of cleaning.  It is really nice though to be able to wash the walls and ceilings every week.  Whoever did that particular renovation in this old house deserves a medal!!

Now I am going to read my book for a couple of hours before starting dinner for us all.  Our guest has some food allergies and sensitivities similar to my husband's when his CFS is bothering him so I know the drill!  Tonight we are keeping it simple:  some brown rice and onion, chicken strips with fresh dill and lemon juice, green beans and a simple salad.  None of us eat dessert so that certainly makes life easy!

Sleep evaded me most of the last night so I will probably do more dozing now than reading of my book, but hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight and make it to the church service in the other town early in the morning.  Our guest is going to be speaking at both services and she is so interesting to listen to.  I don't want to miss either of her sermons tomorrow, even if they are essentially the same message at both churches!

Using water in our house became a little more complicated yesterday.  Now that the town is replacing some ancient water mains near our house, we will be boiling all our drinking water for about a month.  It is very inconvenient, but at least we can order in filtered water for drinking and tooth brushing. I have a huge pot of well boiled water sitting on the stove and a big bottle of bleach under the kitchen sink for adding to the rinse water when I wash dishes.  Thanking God we can still shower and do laundry with this temporary water line in place.  If we had been unable to use the tap water at all, the next month while awaiting the new permanent line would be as close to being a pioneer as I ever want to get!!

Son is delighted to be back in university.  He had his "pass/fail" review of his last year's work the other day and he passed. He enjoyed the critique, both good and bad.  He is an avid learner in his field of endeavor just like his dad.

Myself...well, I am content at this point to have a clean house and food my guest can eat without becoming ill.  Life will be more interesting again when I can get out walking and doing other exercises....only a couple of more weeks!  YAY!

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chris e. said...

Lack of potable water and boiling drinking water are a pain. Open shelves are a pain. Two bathrooms to clean is a pain. I can really sympathize!