Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good Thinking My Friend!

A good friend was recently installed as head of a company, the employees of which thought someone else was going to receive the appointment; someone most of them had backed during the pre-hiring discussions; someone they were expecting to be their new leader.  My friend is certainly NOT the expected person to be promoted to this position and they have made his life very difficult the past few weeks.

One of the more childish expressions being acted out has been their refusal to arrive at work on time.  Showing up a half hour or even an hour late has become the norm.  When confronted they have claimed the bane of early  morning rush hour traffic.  Their office hours have been from 9am to 5pm so in actuality they should be having more rush hour traffic after work than before.

 My friend is a quiet, non-confrontational sort of guy, but he is no doormat.  He has watched this performance going on around him for awhile and this past week he decided to deal with it.  haha

He called a meeting and told his employees that, while he himself has no trouble leaving home on time each morning to get across the city in rush hour traffic in order to start at 9am, he could understand that perhaps they have a different experience to face each day than he does.  Because the business is beginning to suffer with the number of absentees at the official start of the business day, he said he had made an executive decision to assist them in dealing with rush hour traffic.  teehee

My friend changed the office hours to 10am to 6pm daily. Before anyone had a chance to express their dismay at not being able to leave work before 6pm, my friend smoothly explained that he wants to assist them in every way in order to make their jobs and lives easier:  on the new schedule they will not have to face rush hour traffic at either end of their work day.  Isn't that a wonderful solution??!  He also told them that since he obviously has far less rush hour traffic to stall his progress to work in the mornings and is easily able to get to work by 9am, he himself will retain his hours of 9am to 5pm.  There, everyone happy!!  hohohohoho

I am imagining the faces of his employees as they received this news. I am laughing hysterically at his most logical solution that required no confrontation nor expressed anger of any kind.  I can hear him delivering his verdict, a change for their own peace of mind, in his calm and rational voice.  Fantastic my friend.  More power to you!!


bullwinkle said...

I love it when
a plan comes together! ;)

Susan said...

Yeah, I thought this was brilliant!

Heidi said... it:)

Penny said...

very well done, and no one at all can complain that he wasn't looking after their best interest......

I wonder if they will try to get away with arriving at work "early" so that they can finish their day at 5pm - talk about not respecting their employer at all, and putting themselves into a position of maybe losing their job! Ugh....but very well done. Way to go!