Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gooooood boy!!

This week is too busy for me.....way too much work has to be done this week for the sake of taking care of other peoples' needs on top of our own and while I do enjoy doing that, I feel overwhelmed today.  The work has tight time frames to get everything accomplished on time. My week is filled with church events, fundraisers and preparing for a couple of nights of overnight company on the weekend.

This morning was supposed to be grass cutting morning.  Rain predicted originally to begin on Thursday is on its way later this morning and we are in for about 4 days of moisture in a row.  I assumed the race would be on as soon as the rest of the neighbourhood was  awake and I could run the mower without disturbing anyone.  Mowing lawn wears me out completely as the area I have to mow is not set up well for speed....and neither am I!

Today I also have to do several loads of laundry, iron, keep up with meals and dishes, get passport photos done, get to the bank, book some hotel rooms for later this month, parcel and mail some books, vacuum all the carpets; all the normal things a person does in a day but that are complicated by having to pace myself for the sake of my foot injury.  

Today is a light day compared to the rest of the week, particularly now that I don't have to spend nearly two hours mowing the lawn, thanks to my husband's pronouncement that it isn't at all necessary.  While it could last another couple of days before being mowed, but will be like a jungle to plough through if we have 4 days of rain, I am happy to go with his judgement.  The grass is very sparse and spindly due to the lack of topsoil.  Over mowing it just kills it, as I discovered to my dismay a couple of overly zealous summers ago.

Bless my husband for freeing me today to do the rest of the day's chores with less stress!

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