Monday, June 17, 2013

Haha...So Much For the Showering and Hair Washing!

Woke up this morning to discover we have no running water at all.  Today must be the day the temporary water supply pipes are being installed during the summer of repairs for the town water mains and sewer system.  I woke up needing a shower and a hair wash.  Had this urge to do both things last night but I was so tired I wimped out.....dumb, dumb, dumb.....again with the "still small voice" and I chose to ignore my better instincts.

So we boiled up some water we had set aside for days like this and had at least a bit of a proper wash, then headed out of town to have a lunch "date" at the nearest Indian restaurant, over 80km away.  It was an incredibly nice day.  Usually my poor husband spends his day off in a nearly comatose state for most of the day, doing some personal computer work is about as exciting as it gets for either of us.  So, today was special.

It was a beautiful day for a drive in the country.  The rain appears to be over for awhile, the green is starting in the fields as the crops begin to come up, the ponds and sloughs are full to the top from the last deluge and ducks are happily swimming about in them, ducking for weeds and water bug meals.  The sky is finally a true summer blue and the few clouds in it are fluffy and brilliant white.  "Pretty" is a word invented for days like today.

Shopping for graduation gifts for our parish graduates was successful.  YAY!  AND we had the most wonderful Indian meal.  A Bangladeshi fellow and his family who had a busy little restaurant in Toronto have moved out here due to the lower operating costs and wanting a safer, smaller place in which to raise their children.  They are the first family in this area to have established a successful Indian menu.  They are very wise:  while they have a grand selection of Indian foods they also have retained some regular prairie fare.  Everything from bacon and eggs to sandwiches and burgers, Greek style chicken dinners to Indian food is available.  Bangladeshi food has a little different take on it than the Indian restaurants in the nearest city and I really enjoyed my meal.  It is reasonable priced so adding in the gasoline required to get there and back is no big deal.  Life here improves all the time.

Well, time for a nap...fully tummy, successful shopping, a nice drive out.....what a lovely day off my husband shared with me today.


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may you be able to have a shower soon!