Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Have You Ever Cooked One of Those Meals That SHOULD Have Been Really Tasty, But.......

I was pumped tonight about the dinner I decided to make.  It wasn't complicated but it was going to be so tasty!  

The meal was going to be moist and delicious onion and mustard turkey burgers, with fresh out of the garden asparagus and our favourite brown rice, the flavourful shirakiku.  Yummmmmmm...........

Unfortunately the meal turned out to be one of the worst, most bland and tasteless disasters I have ever created.  What a disappointment.  Somehow I overcooked the asparagus!!  NOOOOOO!!  It wasn't terrible I suppose, it wasn't mushy, just too soft and the flavour was a bit flat as a result.  I ended up putting a pat of butter into the serving bowl to perk it up. There's my mom's old prairie trick: no meal so tasteless that a pat of butter or a mound of freshly ground salt won't fix it.  Yikes.....  The rice, usually THE most delicious brown rice, took forever to cook for some reason.....the reason being I covered it in the nabe pot with just a bit too much water and that is always a bad thing if the rice is going to be cooked at the same time as the rest of the meal.  Too much water equals tasteless when it comes to rice, even a good rice like this one.  The turkey burgers were okay I guess, but I didn't put enough mustard into them to bring out the flavour of the green onions.  I don't use salt when I cook so using sufficient other herbs and spices is kind of critical to make the palate happy.  I don't know when I last cooked such a dreadful meal.

My blessed husband took it in stride.  Not one to criticize, he got up from the table half a dozen bites into his dinner and returned with a large jar of spicy mango chutney, which he proceeded to spoon liberally onto every item on his plate.......even the asparagus....sigh..... When the chutney comes out and covers even his vegetables then I know the meal really is as terrible as I am thinking it is.  HUGE sigh......

Fortunately he has a meeting tonight to keep his thoughts distracted from the sad meal he had for dinner. 

As for me, my punishment is going to be 30 lashes with a wet soba noodle....and a lunch out at a nice restaurant tomorrow to get myself over my sorrows....well, hey, you don't expect ME to eat the tasteless leftovers do you??  DO YOU??? 


bullwinkle said...

I feel for ya!

Been there done that.

Next time you two are out here, we
can crowd our little kitchen and build the
perfect Japanese dinner instead of
going out (we could, of course do
both, since we have a couple of nice
little Japanese restaurants in town) :)

Susan said...

We opt for crowding around the kitchen and making our we pray for a chance to actually get out there.....maybe August.

bullwinkle said...

That would be nice. ;)