Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Kinda Day

I am sitting here watching rain pouring down from the blackened sky, cascading out of the downspout onto the lawn, dripping off the tree leaves.  Oh, it is lovely.  There are so many trees and bushes around the house that if I sit and look out at certain angles it is easy to pretend I am back on Vancouver Island on my husband's family acreage. A few cedar trees would make the illusion complete.  The song birds are sitting just under the eaves outside the patio door and they are singing their lungs out.  What a wonderful afternoon.

This morning I asked some friends to pray for me that I would have the strength today to clean the entire house, today being the only day I have to do the whole house before company arrives tomorrow afternoon.  Wow, the power of prayer was strong today.  I worked for well over 4 hours without taking a break and everything is done except the bathroom fixtures.  I decided at that point to be reasonable and leave those fixtures for today.  I can get up an hour earlier tomorrow morning and do them to quit while I am still physically ahead.  

There is nothing like accomplishing a really large task in a relatively short time, with hours still left in the day to do other things, to make me feel utterly fantastic.

So, I had better get a move on and get the gigantic potato salad made that I promised to take to the church for our latest foodie fundraiser.  My delicious tuna salad lunch is nicely digested, I had a doze for ten minutes, answered a couple of emails and now I need to return to work.

It doesn't take much to make me happy. Being able to complete a few simple tasks around the house and other small personal goals are all it takes. Some days I wish all of life was this uncomplicated.

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