Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh I'll Never Be a Trekkie, a Trekkie, Trekkie...........

Last evening some friends picked us up and took us to the newest Star Trek movie.  Sigh.........I am sorry Star Trek fans.  I can't stand it.  I tried watching several episodes of each incarnation of the television series because my husband enjoys the silliness so much.  I saw every one of the original movies because my husband enjoys the silliness so much. I allowed myself to be taken to the latest episode onscreen because it is nice to have a night out of the house and because I do like these friends so very much.  Until the latest series of Star Trek movies began I thought, stupidly, that I was free of the whole thing, but I guess not.

I told my husband originally that I wasn't going to go along and spend that much money on something I didn't want to see....all that money because it is in 3D.....all that money wasted because I hadn't seen the first movie in this new, in what is apparently going to become a batch (pride? herd? nide? bunch? group?) of Star Trek bombs.  But he did remind me that even if it contained many references to, or is a continuation of, the first one, there would be plenty of action to keep me amused.  As he said, "None of them make any sense anyway so just come and enjoy the fun."  Yeah........not so much.

At least the movie stays true to Star Trek form:  hammy overacting, ridiculous plot.....I think there may have been a plot.....badly done alien species make up, a dependence on polyester costuming...polyester?...... in the 23rd century?....really??....Dr. Zhivago-like closeups of Cap'n Jim's watery eyes (which in this movie have changed miraculously from brown to blue)as he stares death and Dr. Spock in the face....and of course a plethora of bad puns evenly distributed between the characters. 

There were the usual completely unexplained events such as, in this case, a young Spock talking to a future older self to get advice on what to do about one series of the Enterprise-destroying explosions from an enemy craft.  How? Why?  These are the two questions the creators of Star Trek seem most determined to keep to themselves.  They are certainly not interested in telling me! 

And another thing:  considering the number of enemy craft-induced explosions Starship Enterprise has suvived over its many voyages into Space: the Final Frontier, how, by the time Cap'n Jim reached a pauncy middle age for the original tv series (with his BROWN eyes) was there any part of the original spacecraft left?!  That spacecraft reminds me of an old pair of jeans that used to be my favourite pair years ago.  All that was left of the original pair were the waist band, zipper, leather patch and belt loops.  My husband had completely refashioned and sewn the butt, all pockets and legs, with swatches from many other pair of old jeans.  However, my jeans looked, rightly enough, as if they were pieced together with old and new pieces of denim. The Enterprise always looks completely new after every repair, great or small.  I want that technology applied to my aging body!!

The most fun part of the evening, other than the eye strain from the badly smudged 3D glasses, was watching my friend become so emotionally involed. She is a true fan.  Throughout the movie she was telling me how each part of the plot and character development (character development??? HUH??) tied in with what had happened "later" in the original tv series.  She lived each battle in the sky, she jumped in the air and squealed each time the Enterprise sustained damage and appeared to be soaring straight into the theater audience. She quoted the opening lines of the tv show that were repeated toward the end of this movie.  It was just a lot of fun being with her. I enjoyed her responses far more than the actual movie.

And so I have survived yet another Star Trek episode.  Each time I am naive enough to assume/presume/hope it is the last one created, or at least the last one I ever have to see.  I have seen entire books written attempting to draw theological thought and implications from Star Trek and I can't say they are not there.  But to me, writing books about that is tantamount to writing a justification for watching soap operas...actually I think that Star Trek may use even more polyester in their costuming.......

Oh, I'll never be a Trekkie, a Trekkie, a Trekkie.


Penny said...

don't be so hard on yourself....Ken is not even remotely interested in seeing the "new" Start Trek stuff and he has been a trekkie for 40+ years......he has nothing good to say about the newer renditions of the franchise.

but you got out of your normal routine!

Susan said...

Hmmm...funny....I thought it was Star Trek I was being hard on. Actually I am rather proud of myself......heehee

chris e. said...

Sounds like you could have summed this one up with the phrase "She's dead, Jim."
Ha ha ha ha ha! Now how many episodes do you think I watched to come up with that?
I liked the original series (which is better left in the past), the last movie and the rest basically not at all.

bullwinkle said...

I liked the original series
technology... The scripts
were campy, the acting overthetop
and the ideology was mostly
communism repackaged.

I liked the movies with the
original cast for the technology
(See above description for
acting etc - so still not fond
of it) and pretty much
no other reason, (well, OK
I was young and starting/finishing
puberty when they came out -
I also liked the women in
skimpy costumes ;)) I will
never watch the new movies -
the sets/costumes are garish
the acting even more
overthetop, too much focus
on special effects, I despise
the new Enterprise.....

OK enough negativity on my part.

Susan said...

Now, now Bullwinkle...there is never too much negativity when it comes to these sorts of things!

Penny said...

just to let you know....you are allowed to say "no" to this kind of invitation.......why sweat over it and hate being in such a closed space watching something that is so distatseful to you!