Friday, June 28, 2013

Once a Week Treat

I have been scouting about for a treat I can have once a week that is not cake nor cookies nor chocolate and have found the perfect one for me.

My treat is a small bowl of Astro Original flavoured yogurt, either lime or caramel.  Ooooh, yummy!! Astro has the smoothest flavours of any of the flavoured yogurts I have tried.

Well, of course it does:  a half cup contains 11% of my daily fat intake and 24% of those fats are saturated fats.  The discovery of Astro flavours is making my regular daily brands of 0% flavoured yogurts look and taste pretty lame.

However, I shall be disciplined and maintain my once a week treat, not caving in to temptation to have it more often than that.

My big treat though for this week, instead of indulging in the Astro, will be the Booster Juice banana smoothie I am going to have for breakfast tomorrow morning...AND, because it is a long weekend holiday time, there WILL be a Taco Time burrito and Mexi-fries for lunch!  At least my more plebeian tastes are least.......what is there about the absence of a particular fast foot restaurant in the town where you live that makes the food there so appealing, when, if you had an outlet in your own town you would never deign to eat there??

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