Friday, June 21, 2013

OUR Families Are Safe But..........

.....I just feel ill for all the other families who have lost everything they own in the Alberta flooding.  Sigh........I can't even imagine the devastation of such loss.  Flood insurance on private property is not available here so many people, other than possibly collecting some flood insurance on their vehicles if they signed up for it, truly have lost everything. As poor as my husband and I have been during our lives on several occasions, we have never lost absolutely everything the way some of these dear people now have.  Admittedly we have only rarely had anything worth losing and so anything we have lost has never been the heart wrenching upset these people are experiencing.

So, in go the donations to the Alberta Red Cross and whatever other charitable associations will be organizing to help the tens of thousands of flood survivors to regain their footing in life.  Canadians can be a generous bunch when disasters happen and I pray that will be the case once again.

At this point 3 bodies have been found in the river south of Calgary and another person is missing and presumed drowned.  Grateful as I am there have not been any more deaths to date, I feel so sad for those who died and for their families and friends.  Certainly the quick action on the part of those who evacuated and rescued people in the flooded areas, as well as those who obeyed evacuation orders and have stayed away from the water's edge, are responsible for there being so few deaths.

The rivers should peak tomorrow sometime, then start to recede and then the clean up begins.  Calgary is determined the Stampede is going to go ahead 2 weeks from now despite the entire grounds presently being under water. The Saddledome is filled with water to the 14th tier of seating at last report.  Major roadways are completely under water.  High River, south of Calgary, has evacuated almost all of the 13,000 residents, the hospital; Sundre long term care patients have been sent to Innisfail and Olds, Canmore subdivisions along the Cougar Creek are destroyed; the flooding is now hitting Banff to the west and heading toward Lethbridge and Medicine Hat to the south east of  Calgary.

Guess we can all be grateful that the Bow and Elbow Rivers along with their feeder tributaries are somewhat smaller than rivers like the mighty Mississippi or the devastation would be even more wide spread.  My stomach binds up badly enough as it is when I see the pictures of huge tree limbs, children's toys, garbage cans and parts of buildings floating through the downtown streets.

Like most native Albertans who grew up in Calgary and never ever saw flooding worth reporting there, I think I am kind of in shock and disbelief at what is happening to my native city.  My husband sees the death of his plans to go hiking and climbing in Kananaskis country on his next few days off.  It isn't even physically possible to access the area at this point.


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