Thursday, June 20, 2013

Poor Flooded Alberta......Are We Next??

I am worried about family and friends in Alberta.  There is serious flooding going on in the southern part of the province that hasn't been seen to this extent for a very long time. Some areas have received 150mm rain in the past 2 days and there is much more rain on the way.  Two of the neighbourhoods I once lived in along the river valley in Calgary have all ready been evacuated and there may be 100,000 people or more forced from their homes before this week is over.  I feel so badly for them. Some people will lose everything.  The main and secondary highways to and through the Rocky Mountain parks are closed from mud slides and sinkholes and deep water.

And so by the weekend it is highly likely there will be flooding in southern Saskatchewan as well as the churning mass of water heads eastward.  We are also getting our share of heavy rain to add into the mix.  Cloud burst after cloud burst......what a crazy year for weather.  

We have watched massive flooding in other parts of the world for many years and now we are getting a small taste of what some of these countries have gone through.

Here's hoping the rain will soon stop, the water levels in the rivers and creeks drop substantially over night and that no one will die in the flooding.  

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