Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sleeping In Our Clothes Tonight

We are having one of our rare moves up, in this area of the prairies, from a weather watch to a severe weather warning.  Since our town tends to avoid a lot of the major storms for some reason, the warning may not amount to much here.

However, I have been tracking the storm online and it appears that the worst of what we are going to get isn't going to be here for another couple of hours, right around bed time.  So far the storm has dropped nickel and quarter sized hail on some areas close to us and I am praying hard for those farmers whose crops have only in the past 2 weeks begun to see the light of day, poking fragile heads of wheat and barley, oats and lentils, through the deeply black, rich soil.  To be hailed out this early in the year would be a heart breaker after surviving the stresses of this year's very late planting.

On the rare occasion that we are in any sort of weather danger this time of year....and since we live in the Canadian version of Tornado Alley.....I tend to sleep in my clothes instead of putting on the usual nighttime attire, my purse and other important papers beside my bed where I will be leaping out should the need arise to head for the church basement.  We have only a crawl space under our house and by the time we access it by moving the washer and dryer any bad winds will have done their damage on the house and perhaps ourselves. 

My husband has left the door to the church basement unlocked....possibly to placate ME if I start getting nervous in the winds and hail.  He is such a good sport about my tendency to weather paranoia this time of year.  He says it is left over from the very real problems and fears of our winters, so that makes me feel less wussy and silly when I worry about the spring and summer storms.  At least he admits my concerns about winter ice and snow are not just inventions of my own with no basis in reality.  

Of course our hope is that we will once again avoid the worst this storm is sending to the surrounding towns and countryside, knowing one day it IS going to be our turn for major damage, but should we awaken in the morning in our wrinkled summer clothes, purse and papers still nestled comfortably beside us, we will be joyful indeed.


chris e. said...

I don't think anyone who has actually been through the loss of a house and everything in it would think you had 'weather paranoia' at all! Having vital documents nearby sounds quite sensible, perhaps something we should consider if we get tornado watches/warnings. How do you keep watches vs warnings straight? No matter how many times I read the definitions I forget within 10 minutes.

Susan said...

I remember the order of the storm reports this way:
It is time to start a WATCH for a WARNING.
The "watch" comes first in the order of dire possibilities.