Friday, June 21, 2013

So Much Flooding

A good friend just contacted me to say that her husband and his boss, who work in their local hospital, are being helicopter'd into Canmore Alberta to assist with the problems created by severe flooding of the hospital there.  They will be up all night working and all tomorrow and for however long.

As the story of the flooding continues to unfold it is difficult to get any sleep tonight.  By 11pm even downtown Calgary was being evacuated and the water was creeping down some of the main streets.

My sister-in-law and her husband live just above a large Calgary golf course and residential area. Everyone on the level of the course has been evacuated.  The rels live a good 50 feet above the evacuation point, so as long as the dam holds on the reservoir near them they will be okay. Hopefully my parents are far enough removed from danger in their area of the city that they will be able to stay put and not have the stress and fear associated with seniors having to be evacuated with no family anywhere near to come and be with them.

In another town south of Calgary the pictures are coming on the news of people being evacuated by tractors, helicopters, fire trucks, combines and even manure spreaders. Any piece of heavy equipment capable of navigating the deep waters is being called into service for the rescue operation.  The most touching interview I heard was with the owner of a day home for small children.  She was stranded in her home with many other peoples' children until they could all be rescued and the children be reunited with their terrified parents. I can only imagine what the woman was going through worrying about her wee charges and their safety.

I suppose we are going to try to have to sleep tonight. As the night wears on we are hearing reports of more evacuated areas and these are areas where we have good friends.

Tomorrow is a busy day here for us and we have overnight company arriving once again after dinner, a funeral to do and the wine tasting evening the next day and a very busy Sunday once again...busier than usual in fact.  I am supposed to be teaching an English lesson in the morning but did not hear from my student....we have our own rain induced problems at the moment and since the road into his country home is a 5km dirt road, no gravel, I am guessing he has not been able to get to his home for the past 2 days or more.  His home is inaccessible in severe weather conditions and he ends up staying with friends, at his place of employment and what have you when we have weather conditions like this.  We have to park our own car on the front street because we can no longer navigate the deep mud that is the alleyway between our backyard garage and the street.  Our poor car is now being pummeled with rain and wind and small branches being blown off the trees.  

The mosquitoes are so thick after our 2 days of rain that I can't go outside at all without being sprayed head to toe with repellent.  My husband ran out to the car a couple of hours ago to retrieve his glasses and was covered in mosquitoes before he got to the end of the front walk.  The only difference between here and the far north after a big rain is that we don't have blackflies and no-see-em's here.

It will be lovely when the low pressure system stuck over the western half of the prairies decides to move on! Bring on the sunshine!!

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