Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You Know You've Waited Too Long To Recycle The Bottles and Cans When........ takes an entire afternoon PLUS to sort them where you have stored them in the garage and bag or box them in their proper categories. don't actually have sufficient bags and boxes in which to put them and have to make a special foray to the cardboard recycling bin to get more packing.

.....only the driver can fit into the car to drive the bottles and cans to the recycling because there are so many bags and boxes jammed into the trunk, the back window, the back seat, the floors and the passenger seat. look around the interior of the garage as you are backing the car out and realize the garage looks twice as big inside as it did before removing all the bottles and cans. have to ask the person in charge of the recycling depot if they can afford to take an order as large as yours before you actually haul all the bags and boxes out of the car and the person in charge has to go ask the employees and floor supervisor first. takes nearly a half hour to dump and add up all the bottles and cans at the depot. leave the depot, after dumping all those bottles and cans, worth between five and twenty-five cents each, with a cheque for one hundred and twenty dollars!  Aiiiii.........

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