Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Summer Days

After the chaos of the past month at work, I assumed my husband would at least try to take both his days off this week and that he would spend them sleeping and tinkering with the church computer repairs.

How happily wrong I was!

At 10am Monday he realized he was missing his last chance to pick up the rest of the necessary supplies for next week's canoe trip and by noon we were on our way to Calgary to shop!  The excitement from doing something spontaneous (FINALLY) on a day off, plus the perfect weather for driving so many hours, made for a fun trip. The sun was shining but it wasn't too hot.  There were a few puffy clouds in the gorgeous, expansive blue sky.  There wasn't a drop of rain anywhere along the route.  

We surprised my parents for a 60th anniversary dinner.  Dad isn't able to go to a restaurant any more so we told them to choose their favourite meal and we would order in.  They admitted that what they really wanted, rather than something fancy, was the monthly special at Swiss Chalet.  So we celebrated with quarter chicken dinners and lemon meringue pie.  hahaha  Not quite what my husband and I had in mind, but if that is what my parents wanted that is what they were going to get. Mom and Dad were very happy.

The next morning we breakfasted at a cute little old diner, The Belmont and had the best hashbrowns ever.  The bacon on the breakfast sandwich was well cooked, there was REAL cheese on the tomato slice and the egg was grilled up perfectly.  My warm "iced tea" was no thrill, but my husband enjoyed his properly brewed Earl Grey tea.

We ran a couple of errands for my parents, visited a bit more with them, then hit the camping supply stores with a vengeance!  By the time we arrived at the fourth store I was too tired to keep going, so sat in the car on another wonderful summer day and read my book for awhile.  We drove all over the city shopping.  For me, we took a few minutes to check out one of the new Target Stores.  Well, they may be "just" a discount store but they are huge competition for WalMart...or will be if they keep up the level of staff/service/cleanliness and product lines.  It is a good thing we didn't stay more than a few minutes because in that few minutes I managed to spend over one hundred dollars on things not on our list of "things to buy in Calgary".  The casual women's clothing lines were up to date and even included dresses for the season....many styles. There was a distinct absence of elastic waisted polyester pants!! Hallelujah!!  So, WalMart, look out!  Target has an added XXLarge size in their regular women's clothing department and that is fantastic for moi!!  Shopping in the same department as other slimmer women was a good boost to my feelings.

After my husband ran out of camping supply stores to go to and we had collected the rest of the needed groceries for his trip, we stopped for a late lunch at a small Lebanese diner.  The wraps for the "sandwiches" were properly grilled before being filled with chicken and falafel and pickled turnip and peppers and all manner of other yummy veggies.  Just the perfect size lunch and to be able to eat a restaurant wrap sandwich that is not all doughy and gummy from lack of fresh grilling was a treat!

A quick stop for an oil change for the car and we were on the road again at 3:30pm.  We came across a place rather serendipitously after getting mixed up as to the location of the through the back door in fact!

We chattered like magpies again all the way home on that long boring drive and the time flew by just as quickly as on the way down.  Again the weather was wonderful for travelling.  We did see one of the big storm chaser units closer to home and found out there had been some horrible storms to the south and east of us while we were gone.  

Our breakfast and lunch had both been so fulfilling we didn't bother eating dinner last night.  We had a piece of toast closer to bedtime and that was it.

So today my husband is leading Bible Study at one of the senior's complexes and then doing some home communions.  This afternoon he will have a ton of emails to work on and get back to fixing the rest of the church computer problems.

My son has just over 2 weeks of school remaining for this term. WHERE DID THE PAST 2 MONTHS GO?????  We are still working on our passport applications we felt we should get in case he had any trouble at school and now he will be back in his home city in less than 3 weeks time!! We won't get passports now until he has been home for a couple of months! How embarrassing is that???  I think we will just pay the big price and get the new 10 year passports. Really everyone needs one these days even if there is no travel on the horizon, just in never know.....

Prayer requests: safety for my husband on the canoe trip that is coming up and safety for our holidays in Aug., AND that miraculously there would be time during holidays to clean out the garage COMPLETELY and get rid of any and all accumulated junk in there!  When I look into our garage I have a Charlie Brown reaction:  "I can't staaaaaand it!!"  THANKS!!

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