Thursday, July 25, 2013

Heading For the Lake at Last...Him; Off For a Nap...Me!

The big morning for the start of the canoe trip has arrived...the past week has crawled by as 4 very impatient men waited on their work schedules and other complications to finally get this show on the road.  They are leaving town right about now I believe, van packed to the roof with gear and 5 days worth of meals and and and and and....they should reach their destination in about 8 hours and then spend an hour loading the canoes onto the van roof.  By about 9pm they will hopefully have paddled to their base camp and be setting up just before twilight.  4 very patient wives (at least I trust I have been patient) have hauled them into town and around the t0wn here over the past 24 hours, collecting last minute items, helping each other organize their packing and getting the rest of their lives prepared to be on hold for a few days. The pile of gear and the number of hours of preparation and packing up they spent for this trip, you would think they were on their way to Mount Everest!  4 middle aged men going on a short canoe trip seems to require far more gear and time and preparation than it did when they were in their 20's.

However, who am I to complain or to mock them, right?  Yesterday I was able to get together with a good friend.  We have been very excited to get together and go rodding about the town.  So, where was our first stop?  It was at a pharmacy for prescriptions and then for extra added fun we each took our blood pressure on the pharmacy's free machine!  The excitement of having our blood pressures in the proper range was so overwhelming that after our lunch we both returned to our places of residence and had a nap before the evening's concert with Saskatchewan Express.  

Saskatchewan Express is a group of older teen singers and dancers who go about the province promoting their province's goals, values, scenery, lifestyle and what have you.  We sat there watching these young people, mere kiddies who all looked like they are 10 years old, chuckling at their overt sincerity, their little blunders, their attempts to perform incredibly taxing choreography while retaining enough air in their lungs to make their song lyrics understood.  We looked around at the audience and realized how very old many of them were and then we looked at ourselves and realized how very old we are getting to be.  

So, a day into my trip and a 10 minute excursion into a pharmacy, followed by lunch, a nap and a concert have exhausted me.  I am feeling 10 years older than I even am.  Getting up at 6am to deliver my husband and all his gear to the main meeting place with the other guys has also tired me out.  No committments with my friend until after lunch today. I think I will go and have a nap.

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