Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hmmmm....Maybe Only a Semi-Disaster After All

So the brownie just came out of the oven and I pulled off a little corner to try it.  Well, it has retained the flavour of chocolate.  The centre is moist....very, very moist.  The outside of the brownie is a bit like a surrounding layer of rubber that is sort of chewy.....very, very chewy.  It can be gummed with minimal effort into a swallowable bit of chocolatey "something", so........if it isn't "serve to company" quality it still isn't a compete waste.  I will eat it.  My husband will have a bit to make me feel good about myself and to remind me that if I have a baking disaster he too has to suffer so that whatever I made isn't completely wasted.  Yeah, for all intents and purposes, it is edible.  Maybe I can do this baking thing after all........?  Maybe next time I will try something that can be cooked in a smaller than this present 9X13 pan of rubbery, chocolatey goo I have to eat by myself.

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