Friday, July 12, 2013

Husband Home for Final Ordination Service Prep.....YAY!!

The Man is home from camp looking amazingly refreshed and happy, the stress lines on his face and dullness in his eyes replaced by tanned smoothness and a return of brightness.  He told me that he found this week a change really was as good as a rest, despite the horrendous busyness of the week with the kids.  He particularly enjoyed mentoring one of the 11 year old boys who was kind of lonely and being picked on my his older brother and friends.  My husband is always particularly relaxed when he knows his ministry has accomplished something with discernible results...and who isn't happy in such circumstances, right?

He is in the church office resetting computers and printers for printing off the order of service for tomorrow.  He is still awaiting the last of the information he needs to print them up tonight....we will be up until after midnight I suspect getting these huge booklets put together.  Maybe we will be up longer than that...actually that is highly likely....been down this road before.

The city clergy that are travelling out here to the outposts of the diocese are going to get an eyeful of how we out here in the sticks manage to pull everything together at the last minute, flying by the seats of our pants, yet still seeing a decent outcome. The ACW ladies have managed to put a snack luncheon together for all the guests and prepare sandwiches for the city travellers to drive away with when everything is over.  Those people are facing a ten hour round trip tomorrow. I purchased supplies today for their arrival lunch and a neighbour "just happened" to bring me two dozen large and tasty eggs from the local Hutterites that I am currently hard boiling to add to the three types of salad and the two choices of bread.  The Thai noodle and vegetable salad interests me the most.  Yum!

I pray it isn't too hot in the afternoon as the church tends to be sweltering for most of the afternoon and the service is a long one.  As the pianist for this service I will be sitting in the hottest spot in the church so I am begging for mercy all ready! haha  Thanking God for cool summer cotton clothing.

The one thing we can't fix is the out of tune piano.  It chose this week to stretch a couple of wires in the intense heat of the past few days.  Oh my it sounds less than attractive.  Today when I practiced I reduced all the hymns to the bare minimum of notes, changed four note chords to three and even two notes in an attempt to minimize the obvious problems with the sound. In some spots the main melody will be highly emphasized with only one note in the bass to sustain it and pull the song together.  Having spent half my adult life playing pianos at venues where I had no chance to check out the condition of the pianos first I have become fairly adept at covering up keyboard disasters, so hopefully this will be one of those good times.

Now that my husband is back and so far is getting the last of the problems under control, I am starting to exhale and relax.

By this time tomorrow the ordination service will be all over and my friend from Moose Jaw will be here to spend the night.  It is like a reward for us personally for putting in the hours of prep for the service. It is great to have company to look forward to. That will keep us from the emotional and mental crash that seems to come at the end of an important and long anticipated event.  

It is all my husband is home.....   

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