Friday, July 19, 2013

I Know I Am Old Because.......

.....I don't know who anyone is anymore under the category of "celebrities and stars"!

Last night I caught part of a television programme where contestants on a game show had to earn points by identifying various celebrities and stars from a series of photos.  I counted 12 people to be identified.  I knew who exactly 3 of them were.

This morning I looked at a list of names of celebrities and stars to be on the look out for in Vancouver in the coming weeks; celebrities and stars who are filming movies and television programmes.  I recognized George Clooney, Seth Rogan and James Franco.  The rest......NO clue whatsoever!  I have heard of Channing Tatum but couldn't put a face to the man (woman??) if my life depended on it. The list dragged on endlessly, name after name of people I have never heard of before.  My husband was, if possible, even more clued out than myself.  

Oooh, we are old.......OLD I tell you!!  There is no point any more in watching awards shows because, well, who are these people anyway?  We are so removed from the wonderful world of modern entertainment that we have reached the status of "dinosaur".   


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Penny said...

then again, is there much coming out of Hollywood that is really worth our time and attention in watching or supporting in order to keep up with all the newbies in that industry? There are still some gems, in my honest opinion, but not enough to be consistantly wanting to keep up with all the new names from there!

:) LOL