Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's All Over But the Nap!

Well, we made it!  The huge ordination service at one of our churches hath ended and my husband and I are still alive to tell the tale.  WHEW!

After ten days of lightning fried computers, inkless, paper misfeeding printers, incorrect information, lack of information, absences from the parish from all service leadership until late the evening before, lack of sleep, lack of knowledge that an extra unplanned for lunch for 20 visitors was expected; but then the incredible fortitude of our parish ACW ladies who planned for 50 guests and ended up feeding 80 guests, the obedience of other ACW gals who felt strongly they were to bake some things that were not on the official menu and bring them along, our curate's wife who was to make an African dinner for 6 clergy but prepared enough for 20 people and thus guaranteed we could feed everyone, the set up for kitchen helpers by our ACW president, the time for me to find and prepare food for the unexpected luncheon and on and on and on it went.  GOD IS GOOD!  That is all I can say.  No one apart from a handful of church folk had any idea what went on for the last 10 days, the aborted attempts to have things done ahead of time, the disasters and near disasters.......God IS good!

Having overnight company arrive at the rectory 15 minutes after the big celebration ended was a great ending to all the stress of the past month.  My fantastic friend arrived and I was able to download, decompress, laugh (if somewhat hysterically), remember old times, share the hilarity of all the things that went wrong before the ordination service...just what I needed.  We went out this morning for a huge brunch and it was so much fun!!  My husband was able to come home after the big event and fall into bed without worrying about abandoning his cackling, giggling wife who couldn't gear down early enough to go to sleep at a reasonable time of night.

In the end it turned out so very well.  We are both so grateful to everyone who pitched in to make things work, sometimes at the very last minute, sometimes unexpectedly...whew....what a good group of people we are ministering to in this parish.  They saved our bacon on this one and they made our Diocese look organized at a time when things couldn't be in much more disarray while major office changes are going on.  Thank you Jesus!

And now, at last, to sleep!!! 

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