Thursday, July 11, 2013

Late Night Ramblings

I took my walk downtown this morning before it got too hot outside but it was still plenty warm.  By the time I got home my back and legs were damp and my hair was getting stringy.  AND, just like when I mow the lawn and break out in allergy related water blisters from "that" tree, I was covered in them again and itching like crazy by the time I returned home.

Something in the local foliage or blowing in from the surrounding farm fields as wreaking havoc on my system this summer.  Each of the previous 3 summers I have lived here I have had mild skin related allergy itchys but this is the worst year ever........the water blisters are a bad sign that something is endangering my system and could cause me serious problems if the exposure to whatever it is continues.

The incredible exhaustion that has been building by the week this spring and summer suddenly makes sense.  Part of it can be explained as a histamine reaction.  It has taken me the past 2 days to vacuum and dust the house....a morning's task usually.  I can barely drag one foot in front of the other this week but now I am starting to understand why.  I guess every time I go outside to just walk downtown I am going to need another shower and change of clothes as soon as I get home.  Rats!!  BUT it is so good to find out what is causing all the problems with my general health this summer. I now have a plethora of anti-histamine creams for my skin and if they don't take away the rash completely, they at least remove the itch.  By the time I got back from downtown today I wanted to rip the skin right off my body, it itched so badly.  Little pink spots covered me from neck to thighs until I showered again.  Yikes!

Had a good talk on the phone with my parents today.  Mom finally was able to get and keep an eye appointment to get her new glasses after successful cataract surgery. No emergency runs to the hospital with dad nor more flooding to shut her down this time...although that almost was not the case....  I will be excited to hear how much she is enjoying the new lenses when they arrive in a few days time.  

Dad had his appt. with the osteoporosis specialist that has helped him so much over the years.  He confirmed our idea that Dad's fractured spine is causing his body to twist and sink over onto his left side.  I feel so sorry for Dad and wish he could fight this, but it isn't possible. All he can do is take pain meds and rest a lot.  Today he fell over one of the wheels on his walker. He fell because instead of using the walker he had gotten frustrated with it, had parked it in the doorway to the laundry room and was trying to walk around it. So far all he has to show for the fall is a scraped arm, but I wonder what kind of pain he will be in by tomorrow.  When he called and told me 5 hours later he was still shaking.  He told mom to keep her eye appt. though and he promised to stay on the bed until she got home. She went because of the emergency call button he proudly and faithfully wears on a pendant around his neck, at all times.  Mom is getting better at leaving him alone and I think he appreciates not being hovered over all the time, but we all worry about his falling down so often.  I have inherited his ability to fall over a blade of grass on the sidewalk....sigh....and I have inherited his osteoporosis. So grateful I also have inherited his bone specialist who is helping me so much too.

My husband gets home tomorrow. I think I have figured out a way to get those orders of service printed up for the ordinations on Saturday.  It is a bit complicated and requires moving and installing the office printers on my computer, BUT if my husband can make it work it will take less time and complication than running back and forth to the computer store for parts for the fried office computer.  Now I pray that the old printer from the office will be compatible with my computer and we can get the installation done quickly. My computer is kind of "sensitive" shall we say....

So, blah, blah, blah....I am is is time to stop thinking about family issues and health problems and my husband's job stresses.  My skin is starting to itch again since the outside temperature cooled a bit an hour ago and I opened the windows in the house, this is going to be a wierd summer and I pray when we start our summer holidays that I can get away from the triggers for my allergies and heal up a bit.

What a relief to finally figure out the source of the constant need for a nap!

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