Friday, July 26, 2013

Men and Their Canoes

My husband called me last night from the destination town, just as he and his buddies were about to launch their canoes and head for base camp.  He was so impressed with himself and the entire group for getting up north and setting up to paddle that I had to laugh and laugh after I hung up.  His pals were in the background giggling like a bunch of teenagers and I could actually hear the sounds of back slapping and congratulations on having made the long drive successfully.  Considering the possible road washouts from a couple of weeks ago that may have detoured them, it is possible all the congratulatory giggles and back slapping were actually warranted! haha  To hear my husband sound so happy and excited made my heart soar with relief that things were working out after some delays.  

I am having a good week as well.  Good meals and good friends and another concert in the offing tonight are making the days fly past too quickly.  Yesterday I went with a friend to see Reds 2.  It was very funny and we laughed our heads off.  It was an old fashioned sort of action movie, predictable as they come, but once in awhile it is nice to  be able to guess ahead of time the end results of various perils the characters find themselves in as the movie progresses.  That way I can concentrate on the witty dialogue, sight gags and other general silliness.  John Malkovich makes hilarious and expressive faces like no other actor I know and Mary-Louise Parker is hysterically funny.  

Tomorrow there will be visits with two more friends I have not seen yet this visit and on Sunday I get to sing in my former church choir in the morning service.  I think I will toodle off to Regina on Monday with a friend who enjoys Indian food as much as I do. She has a favourite place we are going to lunch at.  Then we have a movie planned and....of course.....drum roll please....MORE shopping.  hahaha  Other than a couple of books I haven't purchased much at all, but what fun to look at all the interesting gadgets and goo gaws and women's wear items for summer.  At least I found the dress shoes I need, the one purchase I was truly counting on making.  My feet will be happy!

The only mar on my otherwise flawless vacation is it appears I have developed a somewhat dangerous side effect from my new osteoporosis medication,  so I am not going to take my weekly pill tomorrow and will call my specialist as soon as I return home.  Of course all this is happening right before we are to leave for holidays, so I am hoping like mad that I can reach him before then. I also need to contact one of my local doctors to find out if perhaps rather than the meds my symptoms are indicative of something more serious....aiiii yiiiii.  Talk about bad timing!  I am NOT going to miss seeing my son on our holidays for medical appointments and tests.  I am NOT!!  I hope...........

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