Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Inventive Husband (how to have a nice hot bath when the bathtub drain plug is broken)

Last night my husband wanted to have a nice long soak in a tub of hot water but the spring on the metal drain plug in this hotel room is broken and it wouldn't stay sealed no matter how he pushed and tugged and wrestled with it.

Not wanting to give in to a mere broken piece of metal and be stuck having a shower instead, my husband's creative problem solving skills went into high gear.  Out to our car he went. He returned with a couple of items, then scanned our hotel room to see what else might be available for use. 

The result was hysterically funny but completely practical and the result was a tub of steaming water for a good long soak.  What he ended up doing was wrapping the plug in 2 layers of plastic, one layer from a torn plastic bag from the car and one from the wrapper around a styrofoam coffee cup in our room.  He jammed the plug into place then strapped it down with a large strip of duct tape.  On top of this arrangement was an unopened can of black olives filched from his camp food pack and on top of the can of olives was the ice bucket from our room.  The water from the tap ran first into the ice bucket until it was full enough to overflow into the a poor man's fountain.  The weight of the water in the bucket pressing down on the olive can, pressing down on the plastic wrapped drain plug, was sufficient to keep the plug in place and prevent the water from trickling out.  My husband is a great problem solver, that is for sure.  

Me, I would have settled for a long hot shower...but I would have had far less laughs in the process!  

I reminded him this morning that it might be wisdom to refrain from telling any of his camping buddies this week where that can of olives has been!!!

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