Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ooooh, He's on a Roll

Hee hee hee  And now my husband's reading glasses are broken.  He dropped them on the floor, then accidentally stepped on them and broke off one lug.  A few minutes later the other lug fell off and that was the end of those cheap drugstore glasses....what to do for reading glasses on the trip??  Well, there are a number of drug stores in this town where he could get a replacement pair for about twenty dollars, no big deal, but oh no!  He doesn't want to get another pair when he has 2 other cheap pair back at home all ready. So, he pulled a cord and drawstring grip out of one of his auxiliary backpacks, split the cord at one end, attached one of the two ends of the cord to each side of the lenses and voila, he can tighten them into place by adjusting the attached grip behind his head.  While I am not much to look at myself, no fashion plate, I did tell him I will not go out in public with him wearing that arrangement on his head and once the canoe trip is over those lenses are going into the garbage....and so are the two lugs.  He all ready has a way to hold down broken tub drain plugs without needing those lugs to jam them shut!!

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