Sunday, July 21, 2013

Playing Hide and Seek With My Husband's Glasses

When my husband contracted Chronic Fatigue Syndrome many years ago, we spent many a day searching for things he would distractedly put down somewhere and then not be able to find later....usually it was his wallet.  We haven't had to spend a lot of time in recent years looking for his misplaced items, but today has been unfortunately reminiscent of those old times.

Today it is his glasses that have gone missing.  My husband has never been able to adjust to progressive lenses and so is now carrying 3 pair of glasses at all times:  distance glasses for driving, reading glasses and a pair of middle distance glasses that have completely disappeared.  They disappeared sometime this morning, we THINK, while he was getting ready to head out to our other church for service.  He "remembers" (yeah....suuuuuure he does...) seeing them in their place this morning on the little rack he keeps his glasses on when he is not wearing them. He thinks he remembers taking them off for something just before we left the house and he did run back into the house from the garage to get them, but couldn't see them anywhere.  They haven't been seen since.

Drat!  We have spent literally hours tearing the house, garage and local church office apart searching for them.  We have prayed and searched and prayed and searched and searched and searched.  We have taken the big trouble light out to the garage and searched between the car seats.  We have removed almost everything from each of the bedrooms and my office to look behind book cases and shelving units.  We have ransacked his canoe packing "stuff" and still no sign of them  

So, praying family and friends, could you join with us in asking the Lord to tell us where they are?  We have prayed back his wallet many a time in the past, eventually finding it in places no one would ever have thought to look...once we even found it in the wood scraps pile at the workshop and we discovered it just before the pile was taken to be burned!  How it got there no one knows.  We had it returned once by a man at a movie theatre who saw it on the floor on the way out and "guessed" rightly in all that crowd of people that it was my husband who had dropped it...since nothing was missing from it we believed him.  It was returned to us once by a store owner AFTER it had been actually stolen in a different store all together and all that was missing was a few dollars in cash.  Surely the glasses can reappear as well.  Not sure why group prayer is needed for such a thing, but it often seems to be. Maybe it forces us to admit our weaknesses with memory and makes us vulnerable in a good way, I don't know, but would appreciate a prayer or two.   My husband needs those glasses.

Thanks MUCHLY!!

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