Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Political Correctness and the Arts/Media

I've been watching what has been happening over the past few years with movies, television programmes of all genres, novels, visual advertisements etc.

I agree that it is very incorrect and completely insulting to non-whites to see Caucasians hired to play roles meant to portray Asians, African-Americans, Native Americans and the like. The days of Al Jolson and F-Troop are and should be over.  Stereotype brands of humour are only funny when being used by people of the very ethnic group they represent.  Refusing to work with someone based on their sexual orientation is also wrong.  Portraying all religious people as either terrorists or bleeding heart milksops or prejudiced against one and all is ludicrous.

What I am having trouble with is how terribly monotonous movies, tv programmes and novels have become as each attempts to be as politically correct as possible.  Almost every written or produced fictional scenario I have seen or read lately has been overly careful to include characters of as many ethnicities as there are people in the story,  the now requisite gay couple, the evil character (preferrably a member of a recognized religious group) who is cartoonishly biased against any or all of the above, paragraphs of dialogue that jarringly leave the personality of the speaking character behind to replace her or him with the author's (or somebody other than the character's) political opinion on how caucasian/ straight/religious people should treat everyone else...then zip, back to the personality of the character speaking...all in one page of dialogue or less.

It is all insultingly contrived!  I am so tired of being treated like a mental moron who has to be told how to think by people who assume that their audience is too stupid to think for themselves and too ignorant to figure out they are being squeezed into the tiny box of socially acceptable politically correctness.  It is insulting to be treated as a reader or watcher, as though I must indeed be so politically incorrect that I have to have that brand of correctness spewed all over me constantly.

People are just people. There are "good" and "bad" people in all walks of life, in all ethnic groups, within all straight and gay communities.  What I would like to see and read is a portrayal of ALL these types of people without authors, actors, advertisers and the like being, or at least feeling, forced to make some kind of political or moral statement every single time out of the gate. I would like so much to be able to watch tv or movies or pick up a novel and just enjoy the story, no matter what the ethnicity, morals or sexual orientation of the characters are.  

It is a complex issue and this is not a complex treatment of the subject.  It is simply my opinion about how I feel about being treated like an idiot for the sake of other peoples' sense of political correctness.

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