Saturday, July 6, 2013


The other night I was watching a "reality" tv show and one of the people on the programme wanted to use the expression "self-deprecating".  Unfortunately it came out as "self-defecating"!  It was hysterical!

Then later on I was reading a published newspaper article and the writer used the word "anarchistic" instead of "anachronistic", giving a whole other meaning, a rather sinister one actually, to his article about crosswalk patterns on public thoroughfares.  Kind of hilarious.

With some of the online newspapers there is an icon the reader can click on to report keyboarding errors but I have never done that, tempting as it may be.  Most of the world's news is so dark and menacing and depressing that I rather enjoy the typos.  They add an edge of humour to reports of the depravity going on all over the world.....typos are a new form of coping mechanism for me as a reader of reports about frightening world events.

PS If I have published any typos of my own here, do let me know!

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