Thursday, July 18, 2013

So Looking Forward To Next Week

I am sitting here trying to stay awake until it is a more reasonable time to go to bed for the night.  As tired as I am, if I go to bed now I will wake up to start my day tomorrow at about 3am.  Not that I don't often do that anyway, but no point in deliberately setting it up to happen, right?

On the other hand, as tired as I am, I may not fall asleep any too easily anyway.  I have been watching my husband packing up his gear and preparing some of the freeze dried groceries for his canoe trip with his outdoorsy friends next week  and it is reminding me that I too get to have a holiday away with friends of my own.  I get to drive him to base camp to meet up with his buddies and then the car is mine, all mine during his trip.

Tomorrow I will send out emails to some of the friends and start setting up a schedule for visiting.  It is nice that not all of my friends work during the daytime so I can see some of them then.  Have decided not to over schedule myself this time and just enjoy some time to hang about in a few stores on my own that would be of no interest to most of my friends there.  I have 7 days in my hotel and it is great to know I have that place to go back to any time I want to rest or have time alone.  Am looking forward to worshipping in our former church next Sunday.  It will be fun to take an hour at the second hand bookstore and deplete the remains of our outstanding account there by getting some good books to read. 

I survived my 5 days alone here last week when my husband was at camp and survived them fairly happily, but I can't do 10 days of it, particularly with no car.  When I go away next week I will have our car to scoot about wherever I need to go.  I will be able to access many places I wouldn't be able to access on the little transit system there.  I can go into the nearest larger city for a day if I want.  I have a friend there I can see if she is around.  Hopefully I can be busy enough to not worry about my husband's health and safety and that of his friends while they are away.

Yup, getting excited.......but now I am finally getting sleeeeeeepy.....time for bed.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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