Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sounds Like a Typical Prairie Church Camp Scenario to Me

My husband finally made it to the church teen camp around dinner time.  When he called me he had only been there a couple of hours and was all ready sounding exhausted.

He arrived to discover that having a combined pre-teen and teen camp week is not the only change he is going to have to cover for.  For some reason there is a shortage of counsellors and support staff and only a half time cook.  

I know my husband.  Instead of confining his duties to the spiritual direction classes and some of the hiking and games, he will also be filling in cooking meals, repairing buildings, fielding impromptu counselling name it and he will feel obligated to make up for any staffing deficiencies.  So much for a happy and relaxed week of camping for this man. hahaha  He was hoping to be able to slip in a little nap each afternoon while the campers were otherwise occupied as he has so much to do as soon as he gets home on Friday afternoon, but it is not meant to be.  The man has too many gifts and abilities for his own good!

Maybe for the first time ever I am feeling grateful that the man can't play any musical instruments or carry a tune in a bucket.  Otherwise I can guess who would be doing the music for the services and strumming along for the "around the campfire" ditties.

I fear for our holidays next month.  He is going to be too tired to go on them with me.  Aiii yiii.......

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