Saturday, July 27, 2013

Such Great Weather Here

Rain is predicted tomorrow...only one day of possible rain this week away.  What a blessing for me.  The temperatures have been perfect for me in the mid +20'sC and cooling down at night.  For this town that is a cool summer but it is just right for me.  Relatives and friends in Alberta have not been so fortunate with huge hail and thunderstorms, more predicted for today.  Wonder what is happening at home...but I can't do anything about whatever it may be so might as well not think about it and deal with whatever has happened when we return.  Looking at the weather patterns I am thinking we perhaps received our share of storms this time around.

One of my friends here that had a heart attack several days ago is recovering nicely from the heart attack, had a stent successfully put in yesterday, but could have bled out from the incision that refused to seal off at the entry site of the angioplasty equipment. It is located in a major artery. Fortunately he was fine but it was terribly painful to have to have a large clamp applied there for 6 hours yesterday while he lied perfectly still.  Aaaargh!  It must have been torture.  He has to stay around close to the hospital for a day or 2 before returning to his home town, just in case it opens up again. His ordained wife has been running back and forth between here and the city hospital, interring ashes at cemeteries, preparing to lead the church services Sunday and caring for her elderly stress in her life at all~yeah, right!

Decided last night to skip the concert as we were just so comfy sitting around at my friend's place, munching on turkey wraps and watching movies.  Finally saw the film version of Les Miserables....good memories of the stage show but the singing was pretty atrocious.  Did enjoy it though, warbly nasal vocals and all.  Went on a "just before closing time" run to a couple of stores last night and found one copy of "Anna Karenina" about the time we despaired of finding it.  That will be this afternoon's entertainment.

A little concerned about the canoeing contingent today in case the northern storms hitting Alberta this morning pass through the lake country here, but they are grown men with lots of outdoor experience and should know when to get off the lake.  Better call my parents in AB today and see how they are faring in the midst of the storms.

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