Sunday, July 21, 2013

Taking Control of My TV Channel Support

The past few days I have sent a number of emails to some of the television stations I watch the most.  Or at least I have sent them to stations I HAVE watched the most until recently.

I have written to suggest that some of their station logos and their Live Tweet logos and advertising could perhaps take up less of the screen placement during scenes of actual programming.  While I honestly stated my number of hours watching their particular channels has dropped significantly since the introduction of these logos, I just as honestly do not expect my emails to them will make any difference.  Cynical?  Yup!

This afternoon I was trying to watch a nice relaxing movie after a very busy morning, but found myself so distracted and annoyed by a large advertisement on the screen during the height of the most emotional and gripping scene that I shut the tv right off.  The characters will have to grip their emotions on someone else's time today. So, another channel stricken from my cable package.  At 2pm during a movie, I don't really care that there will be live tweeting during a different programme happening at 10pm.  It doesn't annoy me that there is live tweeting during that later programme...I have no Twitter account so I don't care at all about it. What I do care about is that advertising for this event is posted, starting in the lower right hand corner of the movie picture and creeping several centimetres upward, for the entirety of the movie.

I am not complaining so much as making a decision to contact each channel that interferes with the picture of the shows being televised to ask if there isn't some other way to get their station logo and other information out there without messing up my movie picture and without covering over written dialogue for foreign films that also is at the bottom of the tv screen.  If nothing changes in a couple of weeks then I will exercise my option to choose and simply delete those channels from my paid package. It costs too much money to bring these stations into my home to then have to fight to see the very picture I am paying for.  

Several years ago I remember telephoning a station (remember those days??) and being told by their programming manager, "If you don't like it then don't watch it."  Good advice!  I don't, so I won't!

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