Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thanks for Praying....Yup, We Found 'Em!

The elusive pair of lenses have been located.  Whew!  Thank you God and thank you friends and family for praying.

They were in the back of a drawer full of things my husband rarely takes a look at, but on Sunday morning he had opened it to check for something he thought he would need on his camping trip.  Since they are his middle range lenses and he needed to read some small print on a bag from the drawer, he took them off and lay them in the drawer, dropping the bag in and slamming the drawer shut when he realized he was about to be late for church.  

So, mystery solved.  Prayers answered. Lenses found.  And so with that happy detail taken care of, off we head for his camping and canoeing and my visiting and shopping.  It is going to be a grand week!!  Looks like the weather may even cooperate........most of the time....yeah! =)

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