Monday, July 22, 2013

The Ongoing Saga of My Husband's Glasses....

Still looking............

We have indeed reached "ludicrous speed" (thank you "Space Balls") on this one.  By early afternoon we gave up the search and have been concentrating on getting the remainder of the food items packed for the trip, running last minute errands, weed whacking out behind the garage, ironing, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  A not quite 4 day canoe trip is still a huge event requiring hours of preparation, particularly for my husband the Master Chef of the Outdoors!

The Master Chef of the Outdoors is going to have a heck of a time preparing meals for 4 when he can't see in the middle distance. He can fudge on the canoeing with his distance glasses and read instructions with his reading glasses but the rest of the time could be veeeeery interesting indeed for everyone on the trip if his missing glasses aren't found.

We have reached a point of being able to laugh about this and not worry. Once we have asked for prayer we always relax, even if the answers to the prayers are not what we expect.  
And isn't that so often the way with God, eh?  Oh we all get answers, but sometimes they are so far removed from what we think they should be, how far from what we hope for...until we realize how superior God's answers actually are.  We don't always understand his answers even at that, but somehow the peace that comes after committing a situation to prayer and including the prayers of others,  makes the outcome good....even when it really isn't appearing to be all that great.

I remember years ago when my husband was on one of his many trips overseas to work.  The first day he was gone on his 3 month tour of duty I lost my entire key, post office box, parent's house, suitcases, cars........all gone.  I had one extra car key so that was fine, but I freaked out.  My husband reminded me where we had hidden the extra house key and I was able to purchase another post office box key, but the rest were lost forever I assumed.  I tore the house apart, pulled the lining out of my purse with such ferocity I nearly tore it and shook everything in there out onto the floor....did that twice in fact.  No keys.  So for the next 2 weeks I was forced to learn to cope with not having spare keys in place and doing without several other gadgets that were on that missing ring and that I needed to use nearly daily.  At the end of 2 weeks I grabbed my purse to go out and dropped it.  It fell upside down, opened up and dumped everything out onto the floor....and one of the things it dumped out was my key ring.  Why was it there when it definitely had not been there for the previous 2 weeks???  I had prayed, my prayer circle had prayed and we did get our answer at the end of that 2 weeks but why hadn't it been in that purse the first 2 times I dumped it out and pulled the lining inside out to be sure the key ring  hadn't just attached itself into a hidden place in a corner or somewhere?

Maybe losing these glasses is like that.  My husband will find new ways to cope with his vision on this trip if they don't turn up.  It will certainly force him to finally make an eye appointment when he gets back!  He is in big need of one.

Maybe there is no "bigger picture". Maybe they are just lost and that is simply happening.  

The prayers are great to have whatever the outcome. Prayer connects us as believers.  We feel a big need for prayer these days....maybe the prayers for the missing glasses will bring about connections about other matters, more important matters.

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