Sunday, July 7, 2013

Waiting For My Down Time

I am waiting for my husband to finish packing up his camp gear so he can drive out to the church camp for the week.  I am waiting very impatiently because I am very tired and am hoping I can get a nap in before a pre-arranged phone date or two this evening.  

My poor husband is having the kind of day I had yesterday to some extent.  His day began when our phone rang at 6:15am. We woke with a start and of course assumed someone must have died for the phone to be ringing long distance at that time of day.  Turned out it was one of the other priests involved in our ordination service next weekend.  She is at a big Synod in Ottawa and her only time free to call was on the morning coffee break between sessions.  Her absence has created some problems with her ordinand's part of the ordination service and her internet server is not delivering her messages to him.  So, my husband took over to solve her problems, thus beginning his work day at 6:30am.  I watched him slowly wind down to a state of complete exhaustion by the time our second church service ended just after noon.  

By the time he was finished his lunch, breakfast having been long forgotten, I could see his eyelids dropping, his gaze fogging over.  His conversation began to lag.  So, I sent him off to have a nap for half an hour.  It turned into 90 minutes but I didn't have the heart to wake him any earlier.  I knew if he woke up on his own it would make the difference in whether or not he even had the strength to drive to camp.

Now he is racing about throwing things willy-nilly into the car so he can get to the camp by dinner time but he has great energy again with which to do it.

Soon and very soon I will be able to have my joyfully anticipated alone time.  I have a full schedule of house and yard work, making some dietary changes for myself, rehearsing the music for the ordination service, many many phone calls at pre-arranged times, reading the book I am so looking forward to studying and best of all, being able to use my awake hours in the middle of the night to vaccuum and dust because I have no one to worry about waking!  

My husband isn't even gone yet and all ready my wonderful schedule has begun:  while he was napping I ironed a shirt he needs for camp, got looking at the rest of the clothes waiting to be ironed, decided it was a quiet activity that wouldn't wake him and bingo bango, the whole pile is now ironed and put away.  One less house chore for tomorrow.

It is going to be a wonderful week.....if the poor man ever gets away! I may actually take all day tomorrow now to do very little and get a decent rest myself before tackling all the chores I have set out before me.  Going to the post office to mail away the registration for the wedding my husband performed yesterday may be the most energy I expend.....or seems when I am alone my energy comes way up and I work most of the time.  It feels so good....probably better than wasting the entire day to just rest.

BUT whatever I do or don't do this week, it is my choice, my time frame.  Ooh, it has been years since my husband's carpentry work out of town left me spending a great deal of my time alone.  Nice as it is to be together more now that he is a priest, I do enjoy the now rare times on my own.

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