Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Waited All Winter For THIS????

We are a perverse people, we prairie-ites. (prairie-ians?  prairie folk?)

All through the darkest, iciest, snowiest winters we make no apologies for our hyperactive conversation about the joys of the summer to come.  We await its arrival with panting anticipation.  The dreaded winter season will end and the sunny joy of summer will be upon us.

Hmmmm.......well, summer is upon us all right, and as usual it is an overheated, weedy, windy, mosquito packed, tornado dodging disaster in its own right.

We are into our second week now of this highly anticipated summer season and it has been as miserable as the depths of winter thus far.  It began with a plethora of pounding rain storms, followed by near record breaking heat, the mosquitoes manage to ruin any attempts at dining or playing outdoors, the humidity this year is so high my hair is frizzing out the same way it does when I go to the west coast.  My body is covered in heat rash, but at least my sinus allergy and asthma problems are not in evidence like they are in the dry winter air.  The winds blow my attempts to have carefully coiffed hair in all directions, leaving me looking like my head hasn't seen a hair brush or stylist in months, so I have given up and let it go au naturelle....yikes..... However the wind is NOT blowing the mosquitoes away and I have decided that the idea of such a thing is simply a popular myth!

THIS is what we spent the winter looking forward to????

Aaaah, but the joy of summer, even a humid, hot, mosquito infested one such as this, is that there is no ice nor snow to hinder even the simplest travelling about town.  I can drive between most of the potholes on the streets, keeping my vehicle intact if I am careful and not have to worry about sliding uncontrollably on the ice into the wall of a building or into the side of another driver's car.  There are no giant piles of snow blocking parking spaces and no tall drifts forming in the centre of the highway, preventing travel to long awaited medical specialist appointments in the city. I can walk without fear of slipping on the ice that is everywhere in winter....only the uneven edges of the sidewalk sections can trip me up now.  There is little worry about the car becoming high centered on an impromptu snowbank, or stalled due to snow and ice packing around the car motor when doing the necessary drift busting in order to get around. I have fewer worries about being stranded, unable to get home because of  dangerous road conditions.

In the summer, drenching wind blown rains and hail can force a temporary pull over to the side of the road on occasion, a tornado warning here and there can add a bit of stress as I consider which part of the property to run to for safety, but generally speaking, despite the problems of the summer season, I will take it over the winter season any time.  Blood sucking mosquitoes and all! 

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