Sunday, July 28, 2013

Well, I Guess If I Had To Break My Glasses on Holidays This Is As Good A Town As Any To Get Them Fixed!

Yes, 'tis true, I broke my glasses this morning.  The lenses are fine, thank goodness, but I ruined one of the  lugs. I put them down on the bathroom vanity this morning and proceeded to drop a large can of hair spray onto them.  The can smashed down on one of the lugs and bent it partly out of the front frame.  Fortunately I have been able to twist them sufficiently to stay on my face for the day, but it did make reading the music in choir this morning and watching more movies this afternoon a bit more interesting than originally planned.  haha

This is a good place though to have such things happen as there is an excellent place to go to have them repaired in the morning.  If this had happened at home I am not sure there is as good a possibility of getting them repaired without a 2 hour drive to the city and back.  So, that takes care of my morning tomorrow.  Hopefully it won't ruin a scheduled visit with another friend.  So grateful the lens didn't shatter or even get scratched when the can landed on it.  Double Whew!!

It was rewarding as always to be singing in the choir at church.  I don't know when I feel more appreciated than when I have an opportunity to sing with this group.  Church seems even more special than it all ready is when I can be in a choir.  The sermon was very good, by a local seminary student, talking about how the Lord's prayer is the link between our traditional liturgy and scripture.  I enjoyed it.

Watched a couple of movies this afternoon I enjoyed:  Parental Guidance was kind of cute, good for a chuckle or two, lasted about 5 minutes into Rock of Ages before we shut it off and went and washed our hands, then thoroughly enjoyed The Exotic Marigold Hotel.  I don't remember the last time I was able to just sit around with a friend relaxing with movies of many genres, snacking and laughing and having a complete break from the real world for days on end.  It has been a wonderful week for me.

All being well I am supposed to go tomorrow at some point to briefly visit my friend who has returned home after his heart attack earlier this week.  He was to be home by late this afternoon so I just pray all has gone well.

I just now realized that when we get home a couple of days from now I am going to be going into overdrive preparing for holidays the following week.  Laundry up the yin yang and have to be very careful not to over purchase on groceries so the fridge is cleaned out nicely when we leave.  Must cook all meals with freezable leftovers capacity!

So far a great summer and I pray the autumn will be long and warm. 

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