Monday, July 8, 2013

What Some People Go Through in Life

I am trying to imagine what a friend of mine from another country has gone through in her life and I am failing miserably. 

I just can't imagine the pain and loss of losing immediate and extended family during the genocide years in her home country.

I can't imagine the agony of being brutally assaulted, not once, but many times and the result being children born to a wounded mother and complete stranger of a father they will never know and who will never know or care about his children from a woman good only for abuse as the spoils of war.

I can't imagine loving those children as my friend loves her children.

I can't imagine her loving them so much and then having to leave one of them behind when she  herself was able to escape, a 14 year old she has not seen in over 8 years and who is not permitted by that foreign government to emigrate to Canada.

I can't imagine her joy and nervousness when she sees her mother tomorrow for the first time in ten years.  Her mother escaped to a different country than my friend did but again, was not permitted by that country's government to even come for a visit here....until this week.  I pray they can restore the old bonds and that her mother can stay for a good long time here.

I can't imagine any of this.  I have not suffered these things.  I have been blessed beyond all belief in my life here in Canada.  

Hearing about her life is like watching a violent movie on television....except that if it were on television I could turn it off when circumstances of the characters began to overwhelm me. But this is real life, here and now, in my face every week...her pain, her incredible ability to trust God in every circumstance of life no matter how dreadful.  Instead of bitterness she has faith for better things to come.

My friend is an amazing woman.  I am honoured that she wants a spoiled brat of a woman, a privileged woman who grew up with Canadian freedoms,  me, to be her friend.

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