Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Days and Counting.....

Yup, only 5 days until holidays truly begin.  There are so many things we need to stay home and do for the rest of this month, but of course we are not staying to do them.  We should be home a few days before my husband has to return to work and we can do a few things around the house then......maybe.....heehee

We spent about 4 hours today researching and booking hotels for our 4300km journey....north and west and south and east.....lots of ground to cover, friends and relatives to see.  It is very exciting to be having a "proper" vacation. (aka NO CAMPING and very few DISCOUNT HOTELS!!!)  We will see mountains and rivers and cities and towns and valleys and oceans and shopping centres and excellent restaurants and trees and flowers and art galleries and museums and everything else the western provinces have to offer.  Now my poor husband has to make up the time tonight to get his work done, but he doesn't seem to mind for some reason. haha

The best part is being able to see our son for an entire week!  He just completed his term at university and is cleaning out his dorm room today, packing up his belongings to be shipped home before he spends another week in New York City with friends decompressing from the crazy summer of classes and critiques.  His programme is ranked third after Yale and Columbia universities and it is definitely the best one for him as it is over the top creative.  See son, isn't it good that you didn't go to Yale after all?

We are covering a lot of ground in a relatively short time and it is going to FUN FUN FUN!!!  This is our first extensive holiday in quite a few years.  We would like to do a similar trip in Central Canada sometime and another one in the Maritimes as we have not been there in decades.

Blog postings and emails will likely be rather sparse for most of this month.  I am looking forward to not having my butt tied to a computer for awhile.  It gets to a point some days where you start feeling obligated to "report in" to family and friends, when really it is nice to have some privacy occasionally.  I am finding that blogging is starting to take the place of phone contact and I don't want to fall into that trap.  Mass info should not be taking the place of personal communication even with far away friends.  So this vacation will definitely assist me with making that change.

Time for the annual holiday.......YIPPEE!!!!!  Praying for safe travel, good health and for the ability to relax so we can truly enjoy our times with family and friends.

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