Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Very Relaxing Week

My extra week away ahead of our summer holidays was very relaxing.  A few plans for side trips to the city etc. were cancelled so that the sheer joy of relaxing could be experienced.

Saw many many movies from the comfort of my friend's big puffy couch:

Hyde-Park-on-Hudson:  not enthralled by that particular aspect of President Roosevelt's life, but Bill Murray was delightfully subdued as the former president.

Red's 2:  happily predictable, silly fun.  Some witty lines in the script and all the actors show their comedic abilities.  I will go to see anything Helen Mirren is in.

Anna Karenina:  the new version is wierd and quirky and a great deal of fun even if it meant cutting the story line to the bone.  Had no idea what to expect before watching it and was delightfully surprised.  

Identity Thief:  language warning.  Very silly and funny and ridiculous and I so enjoy  Melissa McCarthy in just about anything. Jason Bateman is the perfect foil for her crazy character.

Parental Guidance: cute but kind of forgettable.

Silver Linings Playbook:  wasn't expecting much so it was quite a nice surprise.  At the beginning of the movie the portrayal of the recovering mentally ill character was quite accurate, although that degenerated toward the end when he turned out to be the most suddenly sane character at the biggest moment of crisis.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: charming and just perfect for people in my age group.  How could it lose with that cast? 

Les Miserables:  I must be the last person on the earth to have seen this movie. Sigh.......I am sorry but, while I could never not enjoy Les Mis, the singing was so dreadful it was tempting to stop watching it before it was over.  The richness of the final notes of each line of music was completely lost on nearly every song by untrained voices whose owners ran out of breath long before the end of each phrase.  Fortunately I had low expectations and those were met, but they are what kept me from turning it off part way through.  The acting was certainly better than "meh" and it was far better than the singing fer shur!  Russell Crowe was a pretty decent Javert and he tried valiantly with the singing but Hugh Jackman was rather nasal in his delivery. At least all the actors were able to belt out the basic melodies, unlike poor dear Peirce Brosnan in Mama Mia.  Glad I saw it but won't bother seeing it twice.

Had a special treat last night.  Found out part way through the day that my favourite gospel/bluegrass group from Missouri was doing a concert at a local church.  Had a great foot stomping, singalong, hand clapping time with Link  Union.

So far this is one great summer of fun.....with holidays yet to come!!!

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