Friday, August 30, 2013

Back To Work

My husband's holidays are ending on a high note today.  He is going to be breakfasting with his good friend, my physiotherapist.  The two of them can talk each other's ears off about psychological mechanisms and the interactive working of the Holy Spirit.

I can go back to bed and sleep.

It isn't that I am not interested in our friend's fascinating psychology research or in my husband's knowledgeable theological responses.  I am just not interested at 8am on a morning when I could be sleeping in for the last time before life returns to normal schedule.

I am still not well despite the influx of antibiotics into my system and am realizing just how ill I actually was while we were on "holidays" before I started taking them....coming from a long way back.

This week I have kept up with the laundry and ironing and dishes and some cooking and grocery shopping.  I have done too much.  Yesterday afternoon I crashed and slept away the rest of the day.  Today is also going to have to be a sleep least for the morning. 

Then it is back to work for us both, confirming the musician's and other assistant's duties for Sunday, finishing Sunday's sermon and looking at the schedule for September. So far my husband has a week of study leave followed the next week by the autumn clergy conference for the diocese.  In a rural area like this Sept. really isn't the start of a new term for many of the parishioners. They are still harvesting until closer to October.  Church activities run strongest from October to some time in April, between harvest and the next spring's planting. So for him Sept. is a good time to take a course and go to a conference.  

I am happy that our last week of vacation was scuttled when all is said and done. My husband had a fantastic week at home doing home chores and catching up on some past due hobby computer tinkering.  Maybe we could do the same next year, only without the illness on my part.

Back to real life this afternoon....despite the illness the break has been nice....needed.

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