Monday, August 26, 2013

Dad Got a Break This Week For A Few Hours, YAY!

Had a nice talk on the phone with Dad yesterday.  He has had his body cast trimmed up and so is more comfy wearing it during his waking hours.  I have been feeling so badly for him...trapped inside the apt. and also trapped inside the body cast.  Getting old can really be terrible.

BUT a friend of his and mom's came over in her new car the other day and gave them both a treat.  When Dad heard she was getting a zippy new car he wistfully told her how much he would like a ride in it.  So, when she found out his cast had been trimmed and he can sit up properly while wearing it now, she drove over to see him and mom.  When she got there she announced she had a picnic lunch packed up and she drove them with her over to a big, beautiful park not far from their place.  They sat in the sun and in the shade and in chairs and on picnic benches, ate lunch, visited and had a most wonderful couple of hours. Both my parents were thrilled to participate in such a normalizing event with a good friend.

God bless you are one of God's amazing "earth angels".

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