Monday, August 5, 2013

Dad's New Body Cast

My father is experiencing one of the wonders of modern medicinal treatment these days.  He is now sporting a new polypropylene body cast during the daytime hours.

A couple of weeks ago he received a call from the doctor at the cast clinic and away he went to be fitted for an upper body cast.  The procedure was interesting.  Apparently he was hung from the ceiling somehow on a large hook that made him look and feel like a meat carcass in the butcher's freezer!  While he was hanging there two technicians created a plaster mould of his body from which to create the cast.

The other day he returned for a fitting and with a few scrapings and peelings of the cast it was ready for him to wear.

I have not yet seen it but mom says it is quite a contraption to have to put on him each morning.  It weighs 4 pounds and his tiny body is finding it very heavy to wear.  In two weeks he returns to have it adjusted as he discovers various pressure points on his body.  He says he will need a bit trimmed off the bottom as he can't really sit down when he is wearing it.  I am  wondering if that is somewhat deliberate in order to keep him laying down during the day for optimum straightening of his spine.

The point of the cast is to try to straighten him up.  Spinal fractures, some of which have healed improperly and some not at all, have pushed his back over to one side and he is listing like a sinking ship.  This cast is the last resort to try to help his condition and if it doesn't help, well, poor dad is in for a very rough time for the rest of his life.

But that man's weak heart continues to beat.  His stubborn spirit of survival continues to direct his paths.  It is really amazing to watch him going on and on and on like the Energizer Bunny.  I just hope and pray that his body and mind know when to give up the fight and that it can happen before he is once again engulfed in unending pain every day due to the deterioration of his spine and hips.  Old age is so horrible for so many people and I am sorry Dad is going through all these painful struggles.

For now, we assume the cast will bring some kind of help to him.

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