Saturday, August 17, 2013

Easy Reading with Lots of Humour...About Being Canadian

I am enjoying some easy reading humour while I recover my health.  Since, as of today, I seem to be able to stay awake for more than fifteen minutes at a time, what better thing to do than read something funny!?

My choice for today is a "handbook" for survival in my native land: "How To Be A Canadian: (even if you already are one) *[although I have to say that if the authors wanted to be truly Canadian the title would read 'all ready' to reflect our European heritage rather than the Americanized version, 'already'...but I digress.]  Authors: Will Ferguson and Ian Ferguson.  Published in 2001 by Douglas & McIntyre, Toronto

The humour ranges from the subtle (rarely) to the witty (more often than not) to the downright silly (just enough for a good laugh without feeling like a dupe for reading the book).  The introduction touches on basic national information: Government ("The government of Canada is Bay Street"); Economy ("The main product manufactured in Canada is snow.  Canada also exports.........cellulite [winter only: see Florida]."); Currency (Two toonies = about 50 cents U.S.") and so on.  There is an hilarious section on our National Anthem, showing the difference in lyrics between the English and French versions, resulting in the authors'  decision to change the anthem to the good old "Louie, Louie"!

Thumbing quickly through the rest of the chapters I am expecting a good many laughs over their take on all manner of Canadian customs and values.  Since they apparently ARE Canadians themselves their take on our native land should be pretty hilarious.  

Looking forward now to some more happy giggles as I read on........

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